About ManAboutKnox

jycircleI am a vagabond, a wonderer, and a socialite that likes to live life to the fullest.  Good food, traveling, new experiences, interesting people and Knoxville are all near and dear to my heart.  You can also call me a photographer, filmmaker, cook, technophile and a want-to-be cowboy and some people even think I’m interesting.

As a photographer, I am proud that one day I was told by a friend he removed my Instagram from his feed because “you only post really good photos.  You always doing something really cool and that’s what I want to see.” That experience has encouraged me to create another Instagram account as well as to give birth to this blog. (Not literally.)

My hope is to make people laugh with me or at me, introduce them to something new, and just maybe inspire someone to do something unique, different and out of their comfort zone.

Lastly I’ve been told that I write very stream of conscious so I might leave out words, and I’m a terrible speler, but that’s real.  

Oh and I’m pretty sarcastic.