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Destination Destin

I’m sure that this is not the first post, article, etc. with that title, but I still thought of it all in my own. So I got out of Capital City for a long weekend for a destination wedding in Destin. It seems like it was Destiny(‘s Child). If you’re like me, you like beaches […]

Market Square shines in the winter.

Winter Weekend

It was another weekend of getting out in Knoxville.  It started with me being a bar floozie for an fundraiser for Positively Living.  It was a casino themed party and naturally I wore my tux.    I had to sell chips that could be donated to different services and take general donations.  I also got […]

Music City Sign

Nashville In a Day

I was asked if I could take some headshots in Nashville, so I thought I’d take my assistant/faux daughter for the day to see what we could come across.  I started with trusty Facebook to ask friends what they recommend.  Fifteen responses and all related to food.  I even made another request for non-food-related items.  […]

Me and the Knoxville's Wonderwoman.  If we get married the cake will be made of bacon.

Heartbroken Over Holly’s

I got a text from a friend of mine the other day that said “I saw Holly’s 135 was closing.”  I honestly didn’t believe them, and looked into it myself.  I was stunned, since it is by far one of my favorite restaurants in Knoxville, and conveniently located across the street from me.  Then the shock […]

Rulli Brothers

YOUNGSTOWN, Better Than You Might Think

Y-Town has a little bit of a bad rep especially if you consult the Urban Dictionary’s definition, After helping the U.S. military conquer the Nazis, the city turned its attention to mafia car-bombings (known as a Youngstown tune-up). But other than the shady past, it can still be enjoyable.  Staying with friends was lovely in itself, but […]

chicken pot pie

Chicken Pot Pie

It’s time to play some Dean Martin and do some cooking, because that’s my cooking music.  On the menu is my hero Alton Brown’s Chicken Pot Pie.  The recipe courtesy of Food Network is great but I’ve made a few modifications just for fun.  I had some some leftover chicken breast thanks to a spontaneous […]