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HonorAir Knoxville

Last week I had the wonderful privilege of working with HonorAir Knoxville. This nonprofit organization takes WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam Veterans to Washington, DC for them to see the monuments that were built in their honor. Being in DC I found out there was a trip scheduled, and I contacted Eddie Mannis, who started […]

Market Square shines in the winter.

Winter Weekend

It was another weekend of getting out in Knoxville.  It started with me being a bar floozie for an fundraiser for Positively Living.  It was a casino themed party and naturally I wore my tux.    I had to sell chips that could be donated to different services and take general donations.  I also got […]

Me and the kids with Santa

Christmas at the Opry

I’m a firm believer in setting expectations whether it be in relationships, professional environment, and the blogosphere.  I’m very sorry and ashamed I used the word blogosphere. You really should expect better of me. Anyway, I went to the Opry Christmas show Sunday night.  Not the Grand Ole Opry, but the Smoky Mountain Opry.  So I’ve now established […]


Serving Those Who Serve… With Beer

Well, it’s the holiday season and volunteering should be something we all do – if not consistently, at least take this time of year to give back to your community.  For my part, I got a group of friends together to go give support to the Red Cross program, Holiday Mail for Heroes.  Let me just […]


Fancy Weekend

One of my jobs is obviously to be a man about town, and as such I spend a lot of time with People & Parties columnist Megan Venable, who was featured in my last blog.  I take photos for her and in return she says things, “Ew. I’m burping garlic and chocolate cake.”  This past […]