Code Name “Handsome”

This Blog is best if you’re humming the Mission Impossible theme music why reading it.  However it’s hard type out, da da da da da da da da da, dununah dununah…. You get the idea.  So my friend Teresa was visiting from NY and had been here before so it was my responsibility to come up with something fun and different.  So the International Spy Museum was a perfect solution.

First of all there’s a Shake Shack right next door and as we were walking up, there was a long line for burgers, we made our way around the line and walked in to get tickets.  Then realized we actually cut in line.  Normally I would feel terrible, but I’m changing up my image because being a bad boy is the way to pick up chicks.  Teresa and I are very good friends, but not in a romantic way, however after cutting in line I’m pretty sure I saw her undressing me with her eyes for a second.

We got through the line and hit the spy museum.  It was a mix between Disney World attraction and museum exhibit.  We had to pick from a bunch of people to have a cover and memorize age, hometown, how long a visit etc, which seemed a little corny but I then was obsessed the whole time if I could remember all the details.  Then they had all kinds of different gadgets actually used mostly during the Cold War such as cigarette recorders, wire taps, coding machines, etc. 

Check this out. By the time you got to the suicide poison, you might be relieved.

Check this out. By the time you got to the suicide poison, you might be relieved.

They also had a lot of history of spying dating back to the ninjas, Civil War spies, and the World Wars’ homing pigeons.  Some were even fitted with cameras on their little bodies.  It ended with a James Bond exhibit with a lot of props, interviews with real spies and their JB moments, and lots deformed villains. 

trojan horseWe also ended with the a Spy Mission that was an additional cost.  It was really fun.  About a dozen of us strangers went behind a door and were transformed into fictional country.  Guess who obviously got the codename handsome?  (we picked our own codenames)  It was fun different rooms, and all over the building, was actually pretty realistic and fun to save the world.  It was really well done.  They also have an outdoor mission where you use a tablet and walk around for an out finding clues.  I did this with my friend Shannon and her nine year-old daughter and it was a blast for all. 

I would definitely recommend a trip to the Spy Museum to anyone visiting DC.  If you live here consider the membership.  You get a free guest pass, free mission, etc.  And you get to cut in another line and look like someone very important.  The safe

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  1. Diana Young June 7, 2016 at 1:12 am #

    You make me laugh, Handsome! I really giggled a lot reading about Teresa undressing you with her eyes!!! LOL You are too funny.

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