Destination Destin

I’m sure that this is not the first post, article, etc. with that title, but I still thought of it all in my own. So I got out of Capital City for a long weekend for a destination wedding in Destin. It seems like it was Destiny(‘s Child).

If you’re like me, you like beaches that are pretty with beautiful white sand that is soft on your toes. I’m delicate so that’s important. In addition to the beautiful white sand, the Gulf has clear water and is just more pleasant than the east coast of FL in my opinion. Plus you get the sunsets on the west.

There are some great unique places, or so I initially thought. We made a couple of trips to McGuire’s Irish Pub, where I had a great steak burger and got served from a guy with a man bun. But it’s not a hipster place. They also have a million dollars worth of decorating. There’s an estimated million one dollar bills attached to every wall, ceiling, and free surface. It’s pretty amazing.  money.jpg
Also had a great breakfast at the Donut Hole, and of course I had an… omelette. I also got a dozen donuts for friends and they were great too. There was line out the door, so you know it was good.

Both were great unique places. However when I googled McGuire’s there was other locations. Then I was driving to Panama City and drove past another Donut Hole.

There’s also a cool Boardwalk with restaurants and attractions, so Destin has a lot offer for all ages. I would definitely check it out.

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