Where’s That Girl? You Know the Girl

I heard about the National Geographic Museum and as a future employee/contributor  I was very excited, since I’m a lover of Earth and great photography. They also have some of the best instagram feeds out there.  Anyway, off I went into the museum that looked like other art galleries.  The first exhibit, PhotoArk, was shockingly of animals.  It was actually pretty cool. They were all animal portraits set against black or white backdrops by photo stud Joel Satore. I do love portraits and they of course were fantastic, but I was antsy to see a landscape and a woman carrying something on her head against a sunset.

My visitor and I finished the animals quickly since we were somewhat constricted to time and entered into the next exhibit entitled, “Crocs.” The first image was of a small reptile inside an aquarium.  My first thought was, “That’s not a croc,” (said in an Aussie accent). As it turns out, the whole exhibit was almost all fake crocs/alligators in displays. So it was mildly interesting for about three min. Bring on the photos that we all want to see.

I entered into the next room and my heart started to race with excitement. Then I took the last step and there were the photos I wanted to see, displayed prominently… in the gift shop. If I’m being honest I don’t remember if there were any photos in there either, but that was it. It may not be as racey as my BVS post, but here’s another  quick rant.

How do you have a museum dedicated primarily to some of the best photography from the past forever and not just have a general gallery of awesome pictures? It would have been like going to the air and space museum without any planes or rockets. I wanted to see the girl. You know the girl, from the cover! The Mono Lisa of photographs. Where was she? She was in a warehouse somewhere. Even if I didn’t see her, I wanted to see things like I see on instagram not fake lizards! So for $15 I’d say pass until they get a rotating exhibit of call “Nat Geo Photos… what you came to see.” I was hesitant to write this because it would probably hurt getting my photos in the magazine (if you’re still interested please contact me, I really have good ones) but then I realized the photos would never be displayed in a museum.

I hope they really consider changing the museum, but I have to do more than rant! I vow to write and email to them. Maybe they just didn’t know.

UPDATE: I did email them and used the phrase “right this injustice.”

You’re welcome world.

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