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The GOOD Air & Space Museum Part 1

Being a in DC for over four months and having a ton of visitors, I’ve seen a lot the city has to offer.  With my parents visiting we have done a lot of things as well.  During their trip downtown at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, while I was working, they heard about this museum with the space shuttle.  I rolled my eyes and was thinking it was a ploy from some aerospace company that maybe had something, but they were right.

I did some research and found out it was Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. I was excited to learn that admission was free, however they do charge a $15 parking fee.  It is well worth it.  The amount of aircrafts far outnumber the downtown Air and Space Museum and was beautifully arranged in several hangers with multiple levels.  Historic planes like the Enola Gay really brings it all together.

So many aircrafts to see.

So many aircrafts to see.

I will say the planetarium was both the best and worst I’ve been to in a long time.  It was a little sad since it was basically an inflatable igloo that fit about twenty people on the floor.  The resolution seemed a little outdated as well.  However, the last several planetariums I’ve been to were just movies on a domed screen.  This one actually showed the sky and pointed out stars, planets, etc.  I love real planetariums, so I was happy I went.  Someone should tell them to do those kind of shows in the Smithsonian planetarium downtown.

William M. Young II gives and unauthorized tour to strangers.

William M. Young II gives and unauthorized tour to strangers.

My dad used to work at NASA and he was very interested.  He wasn’t an astronaut or work at mission control, he was custodian supervisor after he retired from his insurance career.  The thing about dad is that he is curious and loves people just like myself.  He gets to know everyone, especially important people.  So he learned a lot working at NASA and likes to feel like an insider.  So if you met him, you’d think he was the NASA director. To the point where someone would ask him a question a simple question like “Where’s the restroom?” and he would take it upon himself to give them a tour.

We had a wonderful time at the museum.  Then we had a fighter-jet mishap.  Read about in the next post.

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