It Really Was A Wonderful Neighborhood

As and avid movie watcher, I thought I would take some time to tell you about what I think was my favorite movie of 2019. It had some close contenders, but I really think “It’s a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood,” was my favorite. First things first, I didn’t really like watching Mr. Rogers when I was a kid. I think it was too educational for me, However, I did like part when the trolly went to the make believe place. That being said the movie was the  beautiful story of Fred Rogers. Although I didn’t care for the show, many kids did and felt like he was really their neighbor. He was such a good man, that I think it’s hard for people to fathom someone being so kind. People were skeptical and thought he had something to hide. He just wanted the world to be a better place and people to enjoy life.

The film was told perfectly by director Marielle Heller through the eyes of a journalist who was interviewing Mr. Rogers over a period of time. I thought the idea of a biopic where the subject was not the main character was genius. Better yet, the transitions in the film from city to city were just like the models in the show. Every detail about this film was thought out. Most of all I left wanting to be a better person. Being kind to people just like Mr. Rogers.

p.s. Jo Jo Rabbit and Peanut Butter Falcon were close behind if you’re looking for something good to watch.

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