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One Time Beekeeping in NYC

So there was the one time I found myself standing in the sculpture garden holding beekeeping equipment at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York City.  First things first, you need to say MOMA because that’s how most people refer to it and it makes you sound extra cool.  Side note, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is of course… MMA.  No not really always refer to that as the Met.

Andrew calming the bees by burning burlap.

Andrew calming the bees by burning burlap.

Anyway it was around 8:00am before the museum opened and my friend Teresa, amateur beekeeper professional awesome person, arranged for me to photograph local urban beekeeper Andrew Cote.  We lit that tin thing that squirts out smoke, even though you can’t squirt non liquids.  So we lit that thing that billows smoke, and I felt like the pope in St. Pete’s Cathedral, St. Pete’s is the proper pronunciation to be cool in Rome.  Turns out there’s a lot that goes into taking care of the flying insects.  Rule number 1, don’t piss them off.  Apparently they get relaxed when smoking fibers. 

Teresa is even cooler than me.

Teresa is even cooler than me.

It was fascinating to how this particular hive was attached to the face of a cement statue and most unusual was it was an open hive.  So you could see it all as the bees went in and out.  Teresa let me borrow her oversized fencing helmet with a sun hat on top to get up and close and personal.  I’m happy to report I did not get stung. 

Me beeeeeing a photographer. (i'm ashamed of such a caption)

Me beeeeeing a photographer. (i’m ashamed of such a caption)

It was a fascinating to learn about the bees and it has motivated me to start and urban bee keeping program in my beloved Knoxville.  Beeeee sure to look for future posts and not make stupid puns like that.

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