Photo Shoot Adventure… Photos Unavailable 

So this weekend my friend Teresa came to town for a last minute tour. Well, when I say this weekend I mean Sunday, but she had to be at work Monday morning. So a 3:30am wake up was in order so she could get on a 4:30am train back to NY. Instead of turning around and going back all the way home, I decided it was a great morning for some DC photos.

We arrived at Union Station, which is a beautiful building. I walked her in and got her on the train.  Then walked out and started looking for a good angle and place to set up my tripod. As I looked over I saw a fella enjoying his own company far too much. “Well I guess Union Station is out!” I said to myself.

I had my sites set on the Jefferson Memorial and already picked an area conducive for the sunrise. It is still pitch black at this point as I make my way. I exit close by and my first thought this is area is really poorly lit for a park in the city, or very well lit for a murdery part of the city.

I’m looking for a place to park as I drive along and see the Jefferson all lit up. A beautiful reflection on water as still as glass. I started to get excited. I figured I had plenty of time so I made a lap and drove past parking. I started again, still dark but about 10 minutes went by and found the parking spot. They were all for the disabled (who are brave.) Anyway around again I go a la, “Big Ben, Parliament.”

Not finding any parking I took a detour thinking I know where I can park. “WRONG” said our nations capital. I go around again motivated by that reflection. Now with a hint of a sunrise  confirmed the angle I had planned was going to be perfect. I already was rehearsing my words for when the Nat Geo museum called. If you read my earlier post about the museum, you have an idea what they might be.

I’m coming around the bend right by the Memorial…that is now… dark like the sky… In the murdery part of the otherwise very safe DC.

So long story short. I’m sitting at the base where I work writing this blog in my car on my phone at 5:30am. You know because I have a four-mile run at 7:00. Luckily the sunrise  wasn’t all that great so I didn’t miss anything.

The view from where i’m writing.

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  1. Diane May 10, 2016 at 4:33 am #

    Love your humor! Love your photos! Get some sleep.

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