Rolling Thunder

It was Memorial Day weekend and in DC that means Rolling Thunder comes to town.  As a motorcycle rider with a broken down bike, it was both amazing and heartbreaking.  However, the bike is being fixed and I expect to be participating next year.  It was a busy weekend, but I really wanted to fit this event in. Lincoln Memorial

I had a little help with my buddy Josh who was in town from Grenada that also wanted to photograph the sea of motorcycle riders.  Josh got there early and found us a good spot to start.  It was filled with anticipation from the crowd.  The family next to us was super cute visiting from Miami.  Dad was probably in his 40s and had a Latino accent.  We guessed he was first or second generation American.  They were so patriotic being there waving flags and just excited, and that excitement was contagious.

On top of that, Josh lives in Grenada and just got back, so he too was feeling especially patriotic waiting for the bikers.  The first group of riders came bay, and were some of DC’s finest. It was a sight looking at them go by the Lincoln Memorial.  The rest of the day was just a lot of people cheering and remembering great Americans and things that they’ve done.  It also is just cool to see motorcycles in front of American monuments.  If you’re here on a Memorial Day weekend, check it out.  You’ll be happy you did.




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